The Road to Policymaking

Danny Hosein, a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania law school worked as field organizer in the 2008 Obama-Biden campaign, a Non-profit relations coordinator at Greater D.C. Cares and as a Scoville Fellow at the Friends Committee on National Legislation. He spoke to Benjamin Collinger about his career and a variety of public affairs topics.

Two (Of Many) Ways Male Privilege Harms Feminism

“We presume to know more about the feminist movement than women-identifying individuals who are actually at the front of the movement. Significantly more insidiously, we may proceed to criticise many aspects of the feminist struggle through our own lenses. Much of this criticism stems from the very concept feminism strives to eliminate: male privilege.”

Social Control: How Racism Shaped Modern Crime Policy

In the coming weeks, I plan on using this space to dig deeper into the concerns of minority communities and the history of crime policy in America. This week, I want to look back at the ideological and political origins of modern crime policy. In order to understand the origins of the modern civil rights struggle, we have to look back at the end of the one that took place in the 1960s.

Hamiltonian Diversity and Representation

The fact that minority-created and focused performances are ignored and marginalized by the mainstream is evident. To accurately represent America as we know it through the media of film, the control of capital and influence must be more evenly distributed to less represented minorities.

The Donald v. The Press

Donald Trump has dominated the media through the 2016 election. Thomas M. Harvell-DeGolier, a student at Trinity University, states “Unable to bear scrutiny and negative press, Trump acts impulsively and petulantly by banning newspapers and journalists.”