I wish “Brexit” were a breakfast cereal

The U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union has imperiled the future of many of its young people. Sophie Taylor, a British Student writes, “I’m worried that this out vote will mean that these freedoms and these schemes will be taken out from under me, just when I’m reaching the point in my life where I can take the most advantage of them.”

Reduce global hunger by eating healthier

Worldwide, enough food is produced to feed 10 billion people, well over the current population of 7 billion. If this is true, why are there still starving people around the world who lack access to proper nutrition? The answer lies in the distribution of food calories, especially in wealthier nations such as the United States.

Economics is for Everyone

“I really have gotten into what I do driven to apply my understanding of economics to improving people’s lives.”

-Raymond Robertson, professor and the Helen and Roy Ryu Chair in Economics and Government in the Department of International Affairs at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University

The Carceral Court

Not only should we have a natural suspicion of those with power, but we should remember that the history of policing in America has been marred by a troubled and oppressive relationship with Americans of color.

San Antonio meets Trump

Thankfully, nobody was arrested or hurt, but the blockades didn’t stop a war of words from being waged by the two groups, who hurled insults and opinions across the busy street. Many of the signs held by protesters reflected upon the negative comments spoken about Hispanics by the canidate.