Editorial Board


Benjamin Collinger is a senior majoring in International Studies and History. He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief. After Benjamin graduates, he will join the Venture for America Class of 2019.


Zabdi Salazar is a senior Political Science and Business Administration major, as well as the Director of Business Operations. After Zabdi graduates, she will attend law school.


Thomas Peña is a first year and an Assistant Director of Business Operations.


Ariana Fletcher-Bai is a junior human communication major and an Assistant Editor.


Jessie Metcalf is a sophomore and an Assistant Editor.

Jake Exler is a first year and an Assistant Editor.


Sophie Gifford is a first year and an Assistant Editor.


Monica Baez is a sophomore and an Assistant Director of Business Operations.

Former Editorial Board Members

Andrea Acevedo

Travis Boyd

Ethan Courtman

Jessica Cruz

Ian Dill

Madeline Gaharan

Josephine Van Houten

Jennifer Jussel

Kassie Kelly

Daniel Matthewson

Karina Mendez-Perez

Chloe Phea

Danielle Trevino

Sean Watson