Student Activism in Small-Town America

These schools, often private liberal arts institutions that value engagement and diversity, stand in stark contrast to the surrounding communities, where people value tradition and keep to themselves. With this division being used to explain nearly all facets of American politics, it is worth looking at the political realities in the towns where those two cultures are forced to interact.

Never Trump? Never Mind

Through the first few weeks of Trump’s presidency, it has become abundantly clear that the GOP prefers to remain silent rather than speak up against the shortcomings of the current administration. I beg of the Republicans in both the House and in the Senate: are there none among you who will put country before party?

What Syria Needs Now

The Syrian war has become synonymous with the vexing, endemic nature of geopolitics in the twenty-first century.Its birth and subsequent deviation from the revolutionary spirit of the Arab Spring is no doubt an unfortunate parody of the West’s own fall from geopolitical idealism in the new millennium.

Capital Punishment on Trial

To be a juror in a murder trial in Washington, a person must tell the court that he or she is comfortable imposing the death penalty. Though this arrangement attempts to ensure that juries across the state will be consistent in their decisions, it necessarily excludes citizens who cannot condone capital punishment.

Liberalism’s Death requires a New Radical Left

The Democratic Party, increasingly dragged to the right by the Republican Party run amok, is similarly losing its credibility among Americans of conscience. We now know that a platform of gradual liberal progress cannot mobilize many progressive whites and large blocs of people of color. We also know that many white voters, faced with a choice between the liberal status quo and the affirmation that they are not and never will be racially inferior, will vote for the latter.