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The Contemporary is a student-run startup publication that empowers collegiate journalists nationwide to report on critical issues in their communities. Our organization has collaborated with over 25 colleges and universities to present unique long-form reports on critical issues in a variety of communities. We are a non-partisan organization that prioritizes creating a space for fact-based public discourse and civic engagement. Read more.

If you are interested in becoming a Correspondent for The Contemporary or other positions, please read the descriptions below and apply. We look forward to considering you for our team.


The Contemporary’s correspondents will write long-form journalistic articles about critical issues in their communities. They will develop story ideas with The Contemporary’s editorial team and report on a variety of topics of their interest. Every other month, they will report and write one story. Correspondents will work with The Contemporary for one academic year and then may reapply.

Correspondents will be responsible for meeting deadlines set jointly with editors, helping to find photographs and/or graphics for their stories, and adhering to a code of journalistic ethics. Correspondents will be paid a base of $80 per article and earn incentives based upon audience engagement. The 2018-2019 deadline has passed. If you are interested in pitching a story or submitting an individual article, please email

Chief Development Officer

The Chief Development Officer will collaborate with The Contemporary’s Chief Financial Officer and Editor-in-Chief to grow the organization’s financial sustainability. Their job will include filing legal documents, managing The Contemporary’s bank account, and paying correspondents for their articles. Other responsibilities of the Chief Development Officer include (but are not limited to): raising funds for The Contemporary, researching and implementing revenue streams, and organizing events to engage the public. Apply to become the Chief Development Officer .

Assistant Editor

The Assistant Editors, of which there will be three, will be an integral part of the editorial team. They will help to edit, revise, and fact-check incoming articles. Other responsibilities of the Assistant Editors include (but are not limited to) the following: working with the creative and data visuals directors to create graphic content for stories, reporting stories for The Contemporary, and organizing events to engage the public. Apply to become an Assistant Editor.

Creative Director

The Creative Director will work with the editorial team in order to create graphics and edit photographs for placement in The Contemporary’s articles. They will work with the Social Media Director and Data Visuals Director to create engaging content for all platforms, including social media, emails, and the website. Other responsibilities of the Creative Director include (but are not limited to) the following: creating advertisements for The Contemporary and taking photographs for articles. Apply to become the Creative Director.

Social Media Director

The Social Media Director will be responsible for updating The Contemporary’s social media accounts with unique content on all social media platforms. Their role will be to grow The Contemporary’s following and reach, while creating and implementing a new strategy. The Social Media Director will also work with the Editor-in-Chief to create email marketing campaigns for The Contemporary. Apply to become the Social Media Director.

Data Visuals Director

The Data Visuals Director will work to create interactive elements on The Contemporary’s website for articles. They will work closely with the Creative Director to create engaging content that may also be used for social media. The Data Visuals Director will also work to improve The Contemporary’s website. Apply to become the Data Visuals Director.