Michael Beaudet is a senior economics and foreign affairs major from the University of Virginia. He describes himself as possessing unquenchable ambition and limited knowledge, he hopes to make a difference in the world. His goals are to succeed, meaningfully impact the world in a positive way for others and be happy working hard.

Andrés Carranza Betancourt is a passionate learner in an exuberant world. He was born and raised in El Salvador and attends Bates College where he Double Majors in Politics and Economics and is part of the institution’s debate team. He has written various political articles in his home country for nationally-acclaimed newspapers and is an avid football fan (and refuses to call the sport soccer). Andrés enjoys a good time with family and friends and is committed to his country’s progress.

Bryan Burgess is a junior at the College of William & Mary majoring in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. He is the Managing Editor for the Monitor: Journal of International Studies, a research assistant at AidData, a lab that works with donors, governments and civil society organizations around the world to improve international development. He is also an active member of the International Relations and Cycling clubs. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike through the Virginia countryside and making cider.

Claire Burrus is a junior at Trinity University, double majoring in Environmental Studies with an Emphasis in Biology and Political Science. She is involved in TUFit the Health Club, Greek Life, and LoonE Crew, and has served leadership positions in all of the above organizations. She is currently taking courses and performing research in the field of political ecology in Northern Tanzania for one semester with the School of International Training. She loves to explore the world, meet new people, conduct research, make art, and write.

Shayok Chakraborty is a sophomore at Pomona College in Claremont, California. He is from Los Angeles, California and plans to major in Public Policy Analysis. He also writes for Claremont Radius.

Amos Chen is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He writes on public affairs and intersections with college campuses. Amos previously covered State Politics and effects on higher education for The Maneater, the student newspaper of the University of Missouri.

Benjamin Collinger is a sophomore at Trinity University majoring in International Studies and History, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Contemporary. Benjamin is a research fellow with the San Antonio Diversity and Inclusion Office, a program assistant at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Vice President of Trinity Diversity Connection. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @bcstlsa or email him:

Mitch Croom is a joint BA/MPP student at the College of William & Mary, where he studies international security, American politics, and civil rights. He is the current Senior Research Fellow at the Project on International Peace and Security, the only undergraduate think tank in the world. Also at W&M, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Monitor Journal of International Studies, the Chair of Student Life in the William & Mary Student Assembly, and the President of the Graduate Policy Association.

Emmet Hollingshead is a International Studies and Political Science major from Macalester College. He is on the soccer team,  a founding member of Macalester Quakers, and will be studying abroad in Buenos Aires in Spring 2017.

Brendan Kennedy is a senior Political Science major at Trinity University from Dripping Springs, Texas. His research focuses on police-community relations in San Antonio, Texas and around the U.S.

Jessica Kirchner is a junior at UConn studying political science and economics with the intent of going into foreign aid. She’s in her third year of Arabic and has done research in both domestic and foreign policy. I spent my summer in the Capitol with Congresswoman Katherine Clark, and is definitely a dog person.

Arish Mudra Rakshasa is a sophomore from Ghaziabad, India studying at Earlham College, Richmond, IN. He plans on double majoring in Biochemistry and Neuroscience and is on the Pre-Medicine track, aspiring to obtain an MD and a PhD. He is also quite passionate about politics and social justice, and wants to enter international politics to counter hate, prejudice, and fear in the world. He is excited to draw on his experiences to discuss global issues through the lens of a young immigrant for the column.

Maggie Poulos is a junior Political Science and International Studies double major from Macalester College. She enjoys reading social and political theory, traveling, playing lacrosse, finding new recipes to try, and taking naps. While in college, she has completed internships and independent research projects in the areas of political and economic policy, human rights, social movements, indigenous peoples, and democratization. She has focused my studies largely on these areas, and in the region of Latin America. She currently interns with the Advocates for Human Rights, where she interviews refugees seeking political asylum, and has also written reports submitted to the United Nations, as well posts for their blog.

Martín Saps is a Uruguayan-American studying Politics with minors in History and Philosophy at Bates College. He is a member of the Rugby Team and the Debate Team. Martin hopes to pursue a career in magazine writing and has published in both English and Spanish on topics ranging from the Islamic State’s presence in Bangladesh to Affirmative Action. He loves writing because it gives him the opportunity to share his perspective on politics and current events with readers.

Sophie Taylor is a student from London, hoping to major in Modern History at the University of St. Andrews.

Christian Velez is a junior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Political Science. He is passionate about many issues that are constant hot topics in the country, and loves to personify his intrigue with those issues through his writing.