About Us


The Contemporary is a public affairs community that unifies the voices of undergraduate thought leaders. We bring the next generation of leaders in academia, government, and business from across college campuses together into one community in order to engage deeply on the most pressing issues we face. We currently work with 15 columnists from 11 colleges and universities in the U.S.

We promote civil dialogue among undergraduates and combine the best components of academic journals, blogs, and magazines. Our goal is to invest in the human capital of the next generation by fostering long-lasting habits of civic duty and engagement with public affairs. Learn more about our guiding philosophy here

You can become a part of a growing nationwide network that currently includes Pomona College, The University of Missouri-Columbia, Claremont McKenna College, Bates College, The College of William & Mary, Earlham College, The University of Virginia, The University of Connecticut, Macalester College and The University of California-Berkeley. If you are interested, please apply here.