Editorial Board


Thomas Peña is a first year and an Assistant Director of Business Operations.


Jessie Metcalf is a sophomore and an Assistant Editor.

Jake Exler is a first year and an Assistant Editor.


Sophie Gifford is a first year and an Assistant Editor.


Monica Baez is a sophomore and an Assistant Director of Business Operations.

Former Editorial Board Members


Benjamin Collinger majored in International Studies and History. He is the Founder and former Editor-in-Chief.


Zabdi Salazar majored in Political Science and Business Administration. She is a former Director of Business Operations. 

Andrea Acevedo

Travis Boyd

Ethan Courtman

Jessica Cruz

Ian Dill

Madeline Gaharan

Josephine Van Houten

Jennifer Jussel

Kassie Kelly

Daniel Matthewson

Karina Mendez-Perez

Chloe Phea

Danielle Trevino

Sean Watson